Effective protection against insects


Tanatex® is an effective insect repellant treatment that keeps flies, mosquitoes and ticks away.

Insects can not only be a great nuisance when you are hunting or spending time outdoors. Mosquitoes and ticks can also carry diseases that can seriously put your health at risk.

That is why we have impregnated selected Härkila products with Tanatex®. The Tanatex® treatment contains permethrin which is toxic to insects and recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as public health pesticide.

Permethrin attakcs the nerve system of insects. As a result, they become paralyzed

and could die. Due to their survival instincts, insects then know to stay away from things or garments with this chemical. And even if a mosquito, fly, or tick lands on a textile containing permethrin, the effects of the chemical would affect them within a very short period of time. Hence, where there is permethrin, insects flee.

Is it dangerous to humans? No. Warm blooded creatures (apart from cats) are able to break down the permethrin as soon as it enters their bodies, so the chemical poses no danger to the hunter.

In the video above you can see how mosquitoes clearly shy away from textile that has been treated with Tanatex.


  • Insect repellent clothing: protection from insects all around you while wearing the repellent clothing.

  • Carefree time outdoors: no need to worry about chasing away insects or moving your camp every time you spot mosquitos. Enjoy the outdoors with a carefree mind knowing you are wearing the protective clothing needed.

  • Up to 100 washes: Tanatex® has a profound long-lasting effect that can last up to 100 washes. Even after being laundered many times, the product will not lose its functionality.